Fumigation in Greece – English

Fumigation , is a form of disinfection, is the introduction of a formulation (drug) in gas form (no smoke) in a well sealed area to check the attack of various pests (insects or other) products or spaces to deworming. Phosphine, the only gas that has approved the application for fumigation in Greece, is a chemical that Stis appropriate conditions such as time of application, concentration, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure is lethal to one or many types of parasites.

Fumigation in Greece – EnglishSOS !!! In disinfestation by fumigation, with proper use, phosphine leaves no toxic residues in the space became disinfestation, is environmentally friendly because the atmosphere break down very easily.
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The fumigation is often the quickest and most effective way to discharge by the presence of insects thus gaining time and money in the final analysis.

Fumigation  & toxicity

Fumigants are toxic to all life forms at certain temperatures. With fumigation can be controlled all life stages of the parasite (egg – larva – pupa – perfect insect).
Fumigants can reach where sprays, powders, aerosols, etc. Can not reach as deep inside wooden structures (wood woodworm), bulk products, bagged goods, ship’s hold, etc. Therefore fumigation characterizes with high penetrance in application without leaving residues.
Once it is proper ventilation of cargo holds in ships and in accordance with the instructions of the specific residues are limited to nonexistent, based on international law then deliver the load to use.

Fumigation  and Our applications

There is at your disposal a large number of our customers with applications fumigation (fumigation) in temples churches, in particular, wooden arts and painting, image collections, listed houses. We also give solution to attacks wooden structures from dry and wet rots (wood decay).
fumigants used where standards require a zero tolerance to insect products or sites producing the products.

Fumigation and its applications

Our Company implements various fumigation in different areas and products.

  • fumigation  Forklifts merchant ships in all ports of Greece
  • “”””””””””””  uploading or empty containers – containers
  • “””””””””””” mortgaged grain in warehouses or silos
  • “””””””””””” food warehouses
  • “”””””””””” industries
  • “”””””””””” for treating woodworm
  • “”””””””””””quarantine
    More specifically applicable to deworming by fumigation in Cereals in Silos, warehouses or woodworm wood furniture beetle, beetle art, churches canker, canker iconostasis of churches, canker floors, housing blight, canker roof canker launches, canker boats recreation, libraries , furs, clothes moths or mites, grain products and processing grain flour, pasta, biscuits, etc. in kilns. Rice, wheat, barley, maize, nuts, oilseeds. Tobacco. Dried fruit. Spices, Cotton, Wood. Empty storage and processing of these products. Means of transport of such products (empty or loaded) such vessels, wagons, trucks containers.


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